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If you’re looking for a farm or a small acreage in the Greeley Colorado or Weld County area then you have come to the right webpage.


I am a farmer here in Weld County and have been since I was 16 years old.  I know farms pretty well and what to look for.  I also know small acreages quite well also.  To live in the country there are things to consider that you wouldn’t normally consider when buying property in town.  I’d go as far as saying that if you aren’t at all familiar with farms and land here in Colorado that maybe owning a large lot or acreage isn’t for you. 


Sometimes you might see a listing of some acreage that is $80,000 for 60 acres and you might think that is a great deal.  But here in Weld County chances are that land doesn’t have any water rights of any kind on it.  It might be quite a ways away from any city or town.  Electricity might be a distance from the property.  These are just some of the things that the property might “feature”  For example a few years ago I sold 160 acres for $40,000.  What a deal!! Not quite.  It took me about an hour to drive to it from Greeley, Colorado.  It didn’t have any wells, water, electricity and it was northeast of Greeley where it is known that the wind really likes to blow. 


Here is a short list of some things to consider when looking for farms, farmland, and acreage in Colorado.

  1. Where is the power located.
  2. Are mineral rights included.
  3. Are there any gas or oil wells on the property and can anymore be drilled.  Most farms and farmland currently for sale in Northern Colorado do not include the mineral rights.  The mineral rights are most likely in a perpetual lease to oil and gas companies.  This gives them the right to drill for oil/gas or work on the wells any time.  In the picture that I have posted you can see one of the gas tanks on our farm.
  4. What water rights come with the property and I so how much water is that worth and how much will in irrigate. 
  5. Are there any gas lines or gas company right of ways through the property?  This might mean you can’t just build anything you want anywhere on your property.

Are you looking to buy a small acreage with or without a house?  Below are some things to consider there.

  1. What kind of water is there for use in the home.  There are 3 ways to have water in the home.  The first is district water (city water).  This is just like you have in town.  The second is a domestic well.  This means you can have water in the house , have a lawn, water up to one acre, water animals.  Third is a household well.  This means that the water only can be used in the house. 
  2. Can you have a basement on the lot without to much engineering?  Or do you have a basement and does it flood?  Some lots have quite a bit of ground water.  One can sort of tell just by looking at the land. 
  3. How far is the electricity from the property?
  4. If a district water tap is needed how much is that going to cost.  Right now they are above $20,000
  5. What kind of sewer system is used?  Most acreage lots use a septic and leach field system.  The cost of which is dependant on what kind of soil you have on the property.
  6. What kind of rule are there pertaining to how many animals you can have on an acre.  In Weld County the legal limit is two horses and acre.
 These are just a few of the things to consider when buying farms and acreages

If you would like me to look for a property for you just fill out the form below with what you are looking for. 

If you would like to consider me for marketing your Northern Colorado farm property visit

Here are some features Northern Colorado farms and ranches.

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