Selling Properties

What do you expect a real estate agent to do to sell your property?

real estate sold

Well the usual things are put the property on the MLS and put a sign in the yard.  Within the last 10 years or so most people start their home search online on most likely a national real estate site like Zillow or or something like that.  When I started in real estate there was generally one picture for someone to look at a home.   A picture of the front of the house.

When I began selling real estate open houses were a big thing.  Mostly because that was the only way a person could sort of see inside of a home without really using a real estate agent.   But they could usually count on being bothered by the real estate agent holding the open house later.

Today with multiple photos, videos, drone videos, virtual tours (some good some lousy) a potential property buyer can see inside of a house without having to step into it at first.   Though this still doesn’t replace seeing a home in person.  But it is a good start.   Photos are very important in marketing a property.   Almost more important then anything else with regard to selling a property.   Good listing agents also usually don’t just take a couple pictures with their phone to use, but use different types of cameras that are better for the job.

Then after pictures and videos are taken another important step to the successful marketing of a property are to list the properties online with the pictures and videos.   So when a new property listing appears it will have photos.  Many times I see a new property listing with no picture for a couple of days.  This is extremely bad in the  marketing a house.   The reason is that most real estate agents when they have a buy they set up a property search for their clients.  When a new property comes on the market it is e-mailed, texted, whatever to the real estate buyer.  If it doesn’t have a picture that first day on the market it will be sent without a picture and not sent again.   Chances are without a picture the real estate buyer will skip on over it.

Another difference these days to marketing properties is that less and less are properties advertised in local newspapers or other real estate publication.  Mostly because potential buyers start their search online.   So most of the time a property gets published in a paper medium it most likely is under contract.   That just serves the real estate agent.  Because that agent will most likely then try to engage that buyer to use him/her to find a property.

So what will Y & M Real Estate LLC do for you to sell your property?

  1.  Take pictures, videos to put your property in the best light for marketing
  2.  Place your property on the Multiple Listing service, which in turn sends it to pretty much every other real estate property website.  Even websites of other companies.   If a seller doesn’t want to do this it can be opted out of.
  3.  Prior to listing a property we go over the pricing strategies and condition of the property to get the most money for your property in the timeframe that you are looking to sell.   Sometimes we even will take a potential seller to other properties in the area that are currently on the market that compare to their property.  Just to show what other buyers are looking at.
  4. We also will prepare the seller the best we can as to what they can expect with regard to buyers coming to see their property.  For example in the current market if you have a nicely kept home that is priced for the market and around and under $200,000.  We would recommend you might want to spend a weekend out of town because the hour it hits the market there will be many many showings within the first 2 days.   This is just an example.  Different properties have different aspects of being shown to other buyers.
  5. We use the current standard real estate contracts that are mandatory by the state of Colorado.  The same forms that every agent must use no matter what company they are from.  But by the way some companies have a number of other forms in addition to these.  If a company advertises that they have less paperwork to sell a house they aren’t being totally honest.  It has to be the same no matter what company.
  6. We use the showing service Centralized Showings to manage the showings of your property.  This is a company we hire to take calls from real estate agents, check them out to make sure they are real, then set up a showing on your property according to your instructions.   You can choose to approve the showings on your property by a phone call from Centralized Showings, a text, or if the property is vacant then the agent could just go.   But you the seller will always be notified by an e-mail or text when your property is going to be shown.   Centralized Showings also then sends a feedback form to the agent to ask how the showing went.  It’s up the the agent to fill that out and send it back.  What is good about Centralized Showings is that an agent can request to set up a showing on a property 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We aren’t the only ones that use this service, but many times I wonder at the companies that don’t use this kind of service.
  7.  The use of technology is important to sell real estate these days.   We use a service called Docusign to be able to have buyers and sellers sign contracts and such remotely.  You can use your computer or an smart phone.  Then you will always have electronic copies of everything you sign.  No more waiting by or hunting for a fax machine.   Though the actual closing of a sale you still have to be there in person or get notarized signature and original copies.   Most agents use some service like Docusign these days also.  But if you the seller aren’t comfortable with doing things like this over the internet we would be happy to do things in person on real paper.
  8. Real Estate sign and Lockbox.   Just like in the past there will be a sign in your front yard (you can opt out of this also, but it’s not recommended).   There will be a combo lockbox somewhere on the exterior of your property to provide access to agents wanting to show your property to potential buyers.  The combo is not given until the agent is approved through Centralized Showing.
  9. Buyer contract negotiation.   We will guide you through the sale process.  Sometimes an offer sounds great, but there might be other things in the contract that will not be the best for you the seller.   An offer might have a high sales price and some fancy language to get you the seller to accept, but then for example along comes the inspection and that buyer will ask for ridiculous things to be changed on a property.
  10. Advertising.   We will be using paid advertising on the internet like on Facebook, Instagram, Websearches to get your property out in front of potential buyers.   Kind of like the newspaper in the past.  But more direct to someone looking for your very kind of home.

These are just some of the things we use to sell a property.   For more information call Marc at 970-302-1233 or Yarie at 970-381-5356.